Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I begin using OpenStack?

Immediately! Following sign up with Developer and Team Editions, your OpenStack cloud is ready for use. With Developer Edition, we preconfigure an OpenStack tenant with 4 vCPUs. With Team Edition, we preconfigure an OpenStack private cloud, directly on your bare metal hosts. Need something slightly different? With Team Edition, you have full access to Mirantis Fuel to configure and deploy your OpenStack cloud (or clouds) to your specifications. Also, you can contact us for a quote for the Mirantis OpenStack Express Enterprise Edition.

How much configuration is required?

For Mirantis OpenStack, none. Following sign up, your private cloud is provisioned and ready-to-use whether you’ve selected a Developer Edition tenant, the Team Edition with 2 servers, or all the way through 50 servers.

Wait — How do I have a private cloud, when Mirantis OpenStack Express Team Edition provides this as a remote service?

While you access and manage your Mirantis OpenStack Express clouds remotely, your clouds are private, hosted on non-shared server hardware. Each Mirantis OpenStack Express Team Edition customer deploys their private clouds on bare metal hosts. Customers are provided exclusive use of the underlying servers, ensuring performance, and delivering complete customer control of their Mirantis OpenStack Data Center, while spinning up ready-to-use private cloud experiences, on-demand.

Can I deploy an OpenStack cloud with Ceph?

Absolutely. With Mirantis OpenStack Express Team and Enterprise Editions, you have complete control through Mirantis Fuel. Using Mirantis Fuel, you’ll choose your hosts for OpenStack compute and Ceph storage.

Does your OpenStack Data Center scale beyond 50 servers?

Following your Mirantis OpenStack Express data center deployment, it’s possible to add additional servers as your needs require. It’s possible to scale up to and beyond 50 servers once you’ve deployed your first Mirantis OpenStack Express data center through a simple web graphical user interface.

How am I supported by Mirantis?

Mirantis OpenStack Express Developer Edition includes developer support during business hours. Mirantis also provides options for 24×7 technical support, available by web, phone and email. We’ve been at this for a while, supporting some of the largest OpenStack deployments in the world. Customers appreciate the value we provide in our OpenStack expertise, and our ability to support customers throughout their journey with OpenStack.

I’m an avid OpenStack user, and want to customize my deployment. Does Mirantis OpenStack Express allow flexibility?

While Mirantis OpenStack Express was built to provide an easy experience for quick deployment and rapid access to resources, you have complete administrative control of your OpenStack environment through Mirantis Fuel. For those who require root-level access, Mirantis OpenStack Express provides this direct access and control to your data center nodes.

How does the Mirantis OpenStack Express Team Edition free 7-Day trial work?

It’s simple; select our 2 server configuration, and begin the sign-up process. Depending on your country, you may be required to provide a credit card during the sign-up process, although you will not be charged our listed prices until the end of your 7-Day trial. You may see a small hold amount on your credit card, which is how we validate your payment method. At the end of your trial, you’ll only be charged for what you use, on a per-day basis.

Can I start my Team Edition 7-Day trial with more than 2 servers?

At this time, we are only offering our 2 server configuration for the free 7-Day trial program.

Which payment methods are available?

We accept VISA and Mastercard, with others coming soon. Customers with specific needs, for example to utilize a purchase order, may contact our sales team (

Who should I contact if I have additional questions not answered here?

For any questions or comments regarding Mirantis OpenStack Express not addressed on our site, please click here to contact us.